Chantal Huybregts

Chantal Huybregts

The beautiful and talented Chantal Huybregts is back on the island! On June 10th, Chantal will perform at a very special concert entitled ‘Di su trono na mi kurason’. ‘’The Lord revealed to me that there is going to be a revival, and a pouring down of His glory on Curaçao.’’ This concert is a fundraising to open an orphanage called “Daughters of the King”.

Tell us more about yourself. Who is Chantal Huybregts?
I was born on June 27, 1994 in Zaandam, The Netherlands. At the age of 1 my parents decided to go back to Curaçao with my older sister Caresse, and I. I went to the Römerschool, Albert Schweitzer and Eligia Martier in Curaçao, and finished with a level 4 degree in Social Work. My first option after I finished that degree almost three years ago, was to stay on the island, and go to the University to study Social Work, but one day before I applied they closed the course. The thing is nobody really knew the desires of my heart, only God. Later that week my mom, and I had an important conversation where she asked me a really important question. She said: ‘’Chantal, what is your passion’’?
I believe parents need to ask their kids what their passion is, and support them all the way instead of imposing their desires upon their kids. Going back to the question I answered her: ‘’My passion is to worship God, to be closer to Him.’’ And she responded: ‘’Ok, let’s work on it’’. Even though my parents didn’t have the financial resources to send me to America, we trusted God, and He devised an amazing way where He miraculously opened a financial door for my dad. Now almost three years later, I’m currently living in Dallas, Texas and studying at a Bible College called Christ For The Nations in my third year doing Worship Mayor. I’m also going to a University called Dallas Baptist University where I’m studying for a Bachelor of Arts and Science in interdisciplinary studies with a concentration on the Music Business.  My passion is to enter into the presence of the Lord, live a dedicated life to Him and give Him access so that He can work through me, so I can be a blessing for others.

How did you jump-start your music career? Did you always want to be a singer?
At the age of 8, I started singing in my church called ‘Alpha & Omega’ and became a worship leader at the age of 12. My dad who saw the passion and the desire in me has helped me, and put me in different vocal lessons, which I attend till this day in America. And yes, I always wanted to be a singer better yet a worshiper (John 4:23)

Where do you look for inspiration when writing a song?
The source of my inspiration is in the presence of God. I have to find Him to receive from Him, and while I’m searching for God I get everything for example: lyrics, melodies, and also arrangement ideas.

What is your most memorable performance up until now?
The most memorable performance up until now would be when I got the opportunity to sing the National Anthem of The United States of America in a big congress at my church in Dallas.

What’s the best lesson you’ve learned from working in the music industry?
Stay focused on your calling, and your purpose in life. Do not be moved by anything other than what you are predestined to be.

On June 10th, you have a special concert ‘Di su trono na mi kurason’. Can you tell us more about this concert and what we can expect on this day?
The amazing thing is that this concert is a fundraising to open an orphanage called “Daughters of the King”. This way it’s a good way to start raising funds. The second reason why I’m doing this concert is that The Lord revealed to me that there is going to be a revival, and a pouring down of His glory on Curaçao.  What we can expect June 10th would be miracle, signs, and wonders. We are in expectations for changes in our youth, government, schools, work, and restoration in our families.

What can we expect this year from Chantal? And what would be your ultimate goal as an artist?
This year I will graduate, so that’s exciting, and then I will continue to finish my University. I’m also planning for a future album in America. My ultimate goal would be that one day I can travel around the world, and continue to preach the gospel through worship.

Photographer Zahir Santiroma