Glenn Thomas “Bosnan no por ta serio”

Glenn Thomas “Bosnan no por ta serio”

Glenn Thomas, is one of the icons when it comes to Television and Radio on Curaçao. He has presented an incredible amount of programs for more than 30 years. During the Tumba Festival, a video of Glenn went viral, garnering more than 200,000 views. Go Weekly sat down with this brilliant man to talk about his career, success, the VIDEO, and more. Are you curious? Read his interview here.

Your career in the Media industry, how did it all start?
I started at the Radio in 1986, and in 1997 I started at the Television after I successfully passed a newscaster test at TeleCuraçao. With the help of TeleCuraçao, I managed to follow a few courses abroad (Barbados, the Netherlands, Dominican Republic, etc.), so that I could develop my skills in different areas of broadcasting. The 3 main subjects that I studied were; TV presentation, Radio, and public speaking. When you work in the media, you have to continuously expand your knowledge, so that you are able to cover various subjects. Now, I give courses so I can pass all the knowledge I’ve gathered, on to others. Because you are what you know, everything you know is yours, because wherever you go, you will always carry that knowledge with you.

What’s the most memorable moment in your career so far?
In 2009, I got the opportunity to cover/ present the Major League Baseball World Series, the Yankees vs Philadelphia game. We had just finished recording everything, when one of the technicians told me that the tape had been damaged, so we couldn’t air the recording in Curaçao. The only thing we could do was a live broadcast, they told us. I went on to the field where all the other newscasters from the different channels were. They all had fact sheets, but these were only in English and Spanish, and I was going to speak in Papiamentu. So I went live for MLB, and in Papiamentu! For the first time in MLB history! I did it all, without a piece of paper, just watching the game, remembering, and commenting. Since that day, a lot of doors opened up for me. From a technical disaster, to a major opportunity.

Glenn, you’re an icon in the TV & Radio world, what’s your key to success?
My mother taught me to believe in God, because your talent is God’s gift to you. You have to thank him for everything you have every day. My key to success is God. Without him, I couldn’t do anything.

There’s a video of you during the Tumba Festival that went viral. What happened exactly, that you eventually ended up saying ‘bosnan no por ta serio’?
This is a testimony. On that day, I got the confirmation that God’s hand is upon me. Here’s what happened: we were ready to start broadcasting, when TeleCuraçao went off the air, black out. We just started putting the equipment away, when the singer started singing the national anthem. I stopped what I was doing and started singing because I respect our anthem. The person who was singing the anthem on stage had screwed it up badly. I was in shock. Everyone was looking at each other, even the judges were staring at each other. Remember I thought I was off the air, so I could have said multiple bad things, but I stayed professional, and acted like I was ON AIR. What we didn’t know was that we were ON AIR in the Netherlands. The video that went viral was recorded there. When I laughed, it was because someone ran to the ‘’poti poti’s’’ because he couldn’t listen to the anthem any more. When I said ‘bosnan no por ta serio’, it was because everybody including the judges were clapping after the performance had finished. That was simply unacceptable.

Glenn, will you still be working at the TV & Radio for the next years? What’s next for Glenn Thomas?
I don’t like routines. I’m already working on a few things for next year, but I’ll stay at TeleCuraçao. I consider it a blessing that I’m here. I started in radio, but television offers more opportunities. TeleCuraçao also gave me a chance to develop myself, they allowed me to practice my craft, and everything I studied for, in my position. I want to take this opportunity to thank the management team at TeleCuraçao. I’m extremely thankful to Hugo, who believed in me from the start. I will not disappoint him, and I will continue doing my best to make him, TeleCuraçao, and Curaçao proud, wherever I go.