Glennsyl ‘Chucho’ Albertin

Glennsyl ‘Chucho’ Albertin

Glennsyl Albertina is an entrepreneur, booking manager, promoter, and the mastermind behind GA Bookings & Events, the #1 in Caribbean events. His parties are always LIT and on October 7th, he will turn Kokomo Beach upside down with his latest event, Urban Festival Curaçao with performances by GIO, DYNA, Frenna, Ronnie Flex, Ir-Sais, SBMG, Freddy Moreira and many more! Meet Glennsyl Albertina and get inspired by his story, motivation and big plans!

Who is Glennsyl ‘’Chucho’’ Albertina?
My name is Glennsyl Albertina, but my nickname is ‘Chu’ or ‘Chucho’. I’m an YDK living and working in the Netherlands. I moved here 12 years ago to study, and follow my dreams.

You are proud owner of GA Bookings & Events and you keep yourself busy with different projects. How did it all start and how do you manage to do it all?

To keep it short, it all started during my student days. I had a few part time jobs as a ticket salesman for a few promoters, and big clubs. My role in the entertainment scene kept on growing, and eventually I became the manager of Cache Royale, together with a friend of mine. We started organizing various parties for all the YDK’s living in the Netherlands, but I always felt the need to do more, so I started branching out. I started planning all kinds of events, and managing different artists. I became more commercial, and that’s when I took a leap of faith and started my own company. If I can do it, anyone can. For those who come to the Netherlands to study or to live here, do not deviate from your goals, believe in yourself, and go for it.

You organize a lot of events. How do you distinguish yourself from all the other event organizers out there, and what makes your events such a big success?
Well in the Netherlands, events and parties like these attract a mix of people and cultures. You will find Antilleans, Surinamese, Moroccan, Turkish, and Dutch people all partying together at the same party. Because I manage a few nightclubs in Rotterdam, I managed to intermingle with a lot of colleagues from different cultures, who organize big events. I’ve also managed to get acquainted with various artists from different cultures, all of which gives me inspiration to organize commercial Caribbean events. Right now we’re the #1 Caribbean events company in the Netherlands, and every day, Curaçao is becoming more and more popular. What is extremely important to me, is that we not only organize an event or a party, but we also promote Curaçao, and its culture.
A lot of young people think that organizing events, is all partying and popping bottles but it’s hard work. Besides that, as YDK’s we think that when we organize a big event that we can’t possibly do that. We think that we won’t get the recognition we deserve. That’s why you always have to believe in yourself, and you’ll see that you can achieve anything.

Urban Festival Curaçao is your next big project, which will take place on October 7th, at Kokomo Beach. How did you come up with this concept and what can we expect on this day? 
UFC 2016 is a concept, which I’ve had in my head for the past year, but I felt that I, nor the island of Curaçao was ready for it yet. And now, everything is done, and in its place. That’s also because I tour a lot with artists in the Caribbean. When I was in Spain, I decided that I wanted all of these artists at an event together, right next to the beautiful Curaçaoan waters. The group that is coming to the event consists of about 30 artists and colleagues. It’s going to be a crazy, fun time.

After UFC, what can we expect from GA Booking & Events? Can you give us a glimpse of things to come?
After UFC, I have a concert in Curaçao, and in Surinam with Broederliefde, the ‘Mi no Lob’ tour. After that, I’m done with the touring season for 2016. In 2017 we will continue organizing events, and festivals, and we have huge plans for the Netherlands, Spain, and Curaçao, which is going to be awesome! I can’t wait!

Editor: Sendeliz Gibbes
Photography: Michel Klink