Izaline Calister presents: E Leyenda di Buchi Fil i Mosa Nena

Izaline Calister presents: E Leyenda di Buchi Fil i Mosa Nena

Photography: Hester Doove

Izaline Calister is known for her phenomenal singing voice and her impressive presence on stage. A combination of both will be seen when she presents ‘E Leyenda di Buchi Fil i Mosa Nena’ on May 13th and 14th on Curaçao at Renaissance Hotel and Casino Atrium. It tells the tragic love story of Buchi Fil and Mosa Nena, made famous by the poem written by Pierre Lauffer and the timeless classic song by Ced Ride. Only this time the story will be told from the perspective of Mosa Nena. Go Weekly spoke to Izaline about this new play and her new album ‘Rayo di Lus’.

What can you tell us about this stage play ‘E Leyenda di Buchi Fil i Mosa Nena’?
“It is a musical theater piece, a dream come true for me. I have always loved this story. I first heard of it when I was a young child and it intrigued me a lot. When I heard Ced Ride turn this poem into a song I realized that this song was about me, it was about my island. It made me very proud. On my 2006 CD ‘Kanta Helele’ I wrote a song called ‘Lamento di Mosa Nena’ as a response to the song/poem about Buchi Fil. Two years ago when we celebrated 150 years of the abolishment of slavery I thought that this was the time to do something more with this story. I assembled a group of people and in cooperation with Volsoperahuis, we made this musical piece, but with a more prominent role for Mosa Nena. The story is told from her perspective.’

Who are the people in the cast of this production?
“The Dudok Kwartet will accompany me musically with my brother Roël (Calister) (percussion), Ed Verhoeff (guitar) and Vernon Chatlein (percussion). I interpret the role of Mosa Nena, Kees Scholten and Albert J Schoobaar will both interpret different roles in the play. Albert will also be playing Buchi Fil.”

Many slave stories have been told, why did this one captivate your attention?
“This story has it all, it is like an opera. It is the Curaçao version of Romeo and Juliet. It is truly a story close to our culture and heart. That is why I chose it. There will be many types of typical island music to accompany the piece, including a waltz, seu, tambu and even some modern music, but it will all be close to home.”

You will also be giving a preview of your new CD ‘Rayo di Lus’ at the show. Is this a coincidence?
“It is pure coincidence. It happens to be that the shows are scheduled around this time and my new CD is finished. So I thought why not play some of my new music during the musical. We will start with the story of Buchi Fil and Mosa Nena till the intermission, then hop back to the present day, when the audience will get a preview of ‘Rayo di Lus’.

You have waited a long time to produce a new CD, why is that?
“I was pretty busy, and producing a CD takes a lot of time and money. I was also fed up with music piracy. I thought why put so much time and effort into something for others to “steal” it? To be honest I was inspired by the people I teach at the conservatory in Arnhem. Seeing them busy and being creative gave me new perspective into producing an album. I worked closely with my brother Roël this time and I have in addition to my own sound a more modern touch to my music.”

What can we expect from Izaline in the near future?
“I will be touring with the musical. I will also be promoting the new album of course. I have some concerts pending and lots of great new things that you will be hearing of soon.”

Izaline will be on Curaçao May 13th and 14th with the musical ‘E Leyenda di Buchi Fil i Mosa Nena’ at the Renaissance Hotel and Casino Atrium where she will also give a preview of her new CD ‘Rayo di Lus’.