Kyrsten Waller Diemont Fashion on Fleek

Kyrsten Waller Diemont Fashion on Fleek

Kyrsten Waller Diemont was born in Curaçao and was raised in Holland and Curaçao. Now 24 years old, she has become a successful designer of her own label named KWD, stylist, illustrator and blogger. Kyrsten says that she’s on Curaçao to inspire and motivate. She believes that what you dream and see, you can achieve and make happen.

How did you get involved in the fashion industry?

‘From a young age I loved to create something out of nothing. I enrolled into fashion and design school at age 14. I graduated when I was 20 years old. At fashion & design college I interned and worked for different fashion store, sneaker and lifestyle brands in Holland, where I developed a strong knowledge of  the ins-and-outs of the fashion industry.’

You were born on Curacao and raised in Holland. How have both countries influenced your fashion sense?

‘I learned how to watch people and used this to develop my own personal style. Being in Europe, I learned how to spot the trends in a really early stage, just by watching and paying attention to what people were wearing on in the streets. That’s also why I adore street style. The contrast between two different cultures pushed me to think differently and see things in all perspectives.’

You do many things in fashion which one is your favorite?

‘I love all! I have a passion for making things beautiful, learning new stuff and improving in every area, whether it’s styling a person, doing a photo shoot or anything really. This makes me feel alive. Finding a little detail that changes the whole look and makes it perfect gives you this “Amazing Moment”. This is what I do in every area, I just wait for that “wow, It’s done” feeling.’

Creating your own label KWD must have given you the same feeling. How did the idea arise to do this?

‘The dream was already there. I had the opportunity and I grabbed it. I really look up to Pharrell, he just sends a great positive message to the world. I want that too. This motivates me to work hard and leave my mark everywhere I go. I want to show humanity that not only Pharrell can do it. I start by spreading positive vibes through fashion and whatever comes my way. If someone asks me “hey let’s design a new water bottle”, I say “why not!”?’

How do you get inspired?

‘I can find inspiration in everything, I will go to the beach and see inspiration in the waves, find patterns in the leaves, I love surfing online trough different periods in history, one of my favorites now is the Egyptian era. I adore those handmade details in the jewelry, chest, shoe and head pieces.’

Who are your favorite designers right now?

‘I love Olivier Rousteing who currently designs for Balmain Paris. I also follow Karl Lagerfeld and Pharrell  Williams in everything they do. If they can do it, I can too.’

Your Denim for Diamonds collection ‘Greatness Within’ has been out since last October. What are the future plans for KWD?

“Greatness Within” represents just a small part of KWD, which stands for greatness, the greatness in people. I want KWD to motivate and inspire people. The brand is inspired by my belief in God. I believe that God is in everything and everybody. Stay tuned for a lot of great things coming your way.

What is your ultimate goal?

‘To inspire people to believe in themselves, to push themselves to their limit and to reach their full potential.’

What would be your favorite outfit to wear?

‘My favorite outfit changes every week or so. Trends nowadays go so fast because of social media and fast production. But my favorite outfit right now is my sneakers with anything black or nude in color and really classy, topped off with a hat, vintage bag and sunglasses.’

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By: hayson Nicholls