The multi-talented DJ and producer, Menasa, started his music career with the group Immorales but then he quickly branched out on his own and has produced hits for big names in the Urban Music Industry. His single ‘Bala’ with Tony Montana Music became an international hit with more than 20M views on YouTube. This summer, Menasa will perform at the biggest festivals in Europe, Tomorrowland and Solar Festival. Read all about it here!

Tell us about the revolution of Menasa. How did it all start?
It all started as a joke (meaning having fun) with a couple of friends at home, playing around with a new music software called Scream Tracker. Around that same time, we started a DJ team called ‘Spike Sound’. We started playing with ‘real’ turntables and vinyl records. We played at various house parties and it was crazy fun. Then we started making remixes of popular songs on the radio. This is where I came up with the name ‘DJ Menace’. It was the movies ‘Menace 2 Society’ and ‘Don’t Be a Menace’ (my favorite movies back then) that inspired me to use this name.  After school we gathered at my house and made spoofs of famous hit songs and this was the beginning of ‘Immorales’. We started recording songs at my house, so I quickly became the ‘producer’ of the group. They started calling me ‘Menasa’ (the papiamentu version of Menace). I recorded, mixed and mastered the songs. After finishing high school, I moved to Holland where I started exploring the art of beat making. ‘Immorales’ became a big success and I moved to Miami to study Creative Music Production and Business. I learned a lot, not only about the production of music, but also music marketing and business. After my studies I had to move back to Curaꞔao, but I wanted to have a plan B if music didn’t work out. So I moved back to Holland to do another study: Financial Services Management (Banking & Insurances). Yes, this was the opposite direction of music. But in the meantime, I continued producing, and making radio hits for various local artists. I started a group ‘Tony Montana Music’ which quickly rose to the top and hit a home run with the single ‘Bala’ which has a local record of 21 million views on YouTube. After this, the main focus was on ‘Menasa’ as a solo artist/ DJ/ Producer so I went back to the roots and started spinning again.

Did you always want to be a DJ, and music producer?
When I was a kid, I wanted to be a doctor, but since I started DJ-ing and making beats, I never wanted to do anything other than that. So in a way I am a doctor, a doctor in Beats. 🙂

What’s the biggest ‘’pinch me’’ moment in your career so far?
The biggest moment was when I signed my first record deal with Talent Beach Records and Distribution deal with Universal.

You’ve accomplished a lot in your career as a DJ, and producer. What’s your key to success?
Determination, focus and last but not least perseverance. In other words: Do what you love to do, master it and don’t let anyone or anything stop you from doing that!

This summer you will play at Tomorrowland, and Solar Festival, two of the biggest festivals in Europe! How does it feel, especially when you come from a small island like Curaꞔao? 
Tomorrowland is a DJ/producers’ biggest dream event come true. Besides that, Tomorrowland is a gateway for DJs that creates a lot of new opportunities. I feel great and blessed to be a part of this and I am happy to represent my island at this big event.

What are your expectations for these 2 shows?
I have great expectations for these two shows. I’m currently working on the intro and tracklist, which includes a few exclusive Menasa bootlegs and remixes. The idea is to bring the Caribbean vibe to Belgium. For 45 minutes I will take the crowd to a wild beach party in Curaꞔao.

Your first official EP collaboration with Cesqeaux, when will it be released? And do you have more projects coming soon?
My first EP with Cesqeaux (Barong Family label) will be released in July and I will debut the songs in my show at Tomorrowland. The EP has a unique combination of different flavours of music: Trap, Moombahton and Bubbling. Besides this project, I’m releasing my solo EP: ‘Black Magic’. This is an EP of hardcore Menasa flavoured Moombahtons. The EP has a few featured artists like Yung Felix, Ghetto Flow, Rino Sambo, Kuenta I Tambu, Alex Sargo and DJ Moortje.