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We all know the struggle when we would like to make a change, but we just don’t have the motivation, the right person next to us, or we simply don’t have the dedication. An important question that you need to ask yourself is: “am I willing to make a change to optimize my lifestyle, or am I 100% happy with how I am living my life right now?


Nine out of ten individuals choose to live their lives in their comfort zone. The moment we would like to change something in life, we are forced to leave our comfort zone. It is something that most people won’t or just can’t do, because we are afraid of what we will encounter on our path in life. That’s why we are most of the time stuck in a negative mindset for too long.


The fear of switching from one job to another, because of the income even though you don’t like the job; minimizing by eating less unhealthy food even though you love that johnnycake ;-); stepping out of a bad and passionless relationship even though you still love the person; not wearing the tight shirt or skinny jeans  that you bought  and put away in your closet as decoration are just a few situations, based on my work experiences, that people often undergo without knowing how to deal with them.





The moment when you know where you come from, where you are now at this point in life and what goal you would like to achieve (not only for you, but also for your loved ones), is the moment you already took 80% of the step towards being aware of your situation; it’s a reality check .The remaining 20% is called DEDICATION. Now, HOW DEDICATED ARE YOU TO achieve YOUR GOAL(S)?



Write down for yourself three short term goals that you would like to achieve in three to six months and three long term goals that you would like to achieve in one to one and a half years.


Now you have goals, so let’s achieve those goals. It’s time to invest in YOURSELF now. Body and Mind Control will guide you to your goals.




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