Miss Curaçao Chanelle de Lau

Miss Curaçao Chanelle de Lau

We are already so proud of this young woman. Our Miss Curaçao, Chanelle de Lau is not only a gorgeous, confident woman but she also has a beautiful soul which is reflected in everything she does. On January 30, she will represent our dushi isla Curaꞔao at the Miss Universe pageant in Manila, Philippines. Chanelle has without a doubt, everything in her to bring home the first Miss Universe crown. Want to know more? Read her interview here.

Can you describe your journey to the Miss Curaçao crown?
My journey started while doing my internship during the Spring Semester of 2016. I felt as though I had a calling to participate and give the pageant world a try. I’ve had modeling experience in the past, but entering a pageant and making a chance at being a beauty ambassador for my ‘dushi’ island, would be an even bigger challenge I was happy to pursue! Once entering the pageant, my life became more hectic, but it was this rush of excitement that made me want to enhance my strengths and develop myself in areas that improve me, not just as a contestant but as a woman in her everyday life. Drama, catwalk and communication classes throughout the pageant allowed me to refine myself and I found a renewed confidence that I believe is unstoppable. I felt in my gut that I have what it takes to be the next Miss Curaçao and that energy I kept throughout my entire participation till the overwhelming day of my crowning!

How has your life changed since you won the Miss Curaçao title?
I usually get recognized anywhere in Curaçao especially by little girls who follow me on Social Media like Snapchat. Since being crowned Miss Curaçao, I’ve been very busy preparing for Miss Universe which will take place this January in Manila, Philippines! I’m so excited that it’s all I’ve been thinking about during the holidays!

What’s the best part of being Miss Curaçao?
Being a role model to kids! I get so happy when I see how my presence makes their day and how they look up to me! Sometimes I feel like a Sinterklaas or Santa Claus to them when they get so excited to see me haha! To me there is no better feeling than having this ability to make a child feel special and inspired to do whatever their little heart’s desire!

On January 30, you will represent Curaçao at the Miss Universe pageant in the Philippines. How do you prepare for it?
I’ve been taking drama/communication classes, makeup/hair lessons, catwalk training and interview lessons! Exercising daily is also a must. But besides the physical training I find my mental state very important. It’s essential for me to go with good energy and that I can assure you I’ve got it!

What would you do if you win the first Miss Universe crown for Curaçao?
I would probably cry, faint, and be in utter shock and beyond overwhelmed. That would be a tremendous achievement not just personally but for the people of Curaçao also! The instant name recognition worldwide for our tiny island would mark history for us! I’d celebrate this achievement by making a video and invite all my fellow ‘Yu Di Kὸrsou’ to join as we celebrate our winning!

What advice would you give young girls who wants to participate in the Miss Curaçao pageant?
My advice would be to always stay true to yourself and give a 100% at all times! It is important for you to enjoy the journey! It is one filled with excitement, personal growth and lots of attention! You will need a good team that can guide you throughout the competition and don’t allow the opinions of others or the outcome of the pageant dim your shine! Embrace every moment it’s a once in a lifetime experience!