Sandy Provacia

Sandy Provacia

This is Sandy Provacia, the man behind one of the dopest dance studios in Holland, Flexx_n dance academy. He has a bachelor degree in Business Informatics but dance is his calling, it’s what drives him. Now, Sandy and his Flexx_n squad are working on their biggest performance yet, SUMMERFALL!

Drop some knowledge for those who don’t know. Tell us about Flexx_n Dance Academy, and how it all started.
In 1999 I went to Holland in pursue of a bachelor’s degree in business informatics. After struggling for a few years living the student life, I managed to finish my study with a degree. During my student adventure in Holland, I discovered that there was a way for me to turn my hobby into a fulltime job. So that’s what I did. I went for what my heart was telling me to do at that time, and I just jumped. I started with teaching classes at a few fitness clubs, but then I started to dream bigger. I wanted to own a well-known and successful dance studio. So in January 2006, FLEXX_N ENTERTAINMENT was born. First, the idea was to combine a dance studio with a bookings agency but as you can see, the dance studio took the overhand in the process. Now I own a pretty successful dance studio called FLEXX_N DANCE ACADEMY.


When did you know that you’re passionate about dance? And which dancers were your role models at that time?
As long as I can remember, dancing was something I did every day. I was raised in a household with a lot of music, so whenever there was something to do around the house, my family did it while listening to music. The moment that sparked this crazy “dance fever” that I have, is the moment I felt the freedom that dance gives me, dancing with my mom for the first time.

My role model dancers were: Michael Jackson and Usher.

You teach Hip-Hop. What is it about Hip-Hop dance that makes it Hip-Hop? And what other dance styles do you teach?
Hip-Hop is mostly danced to hip-hop music. The Hip-Hop dance style is a mixture from several cultures and dance styles, including jazz, rock, tap, American, and Latin cultures. Hip-hop is a very energetic form of dancing. What makes it unique, is that it allows the dancer to perform with freedom of movement, adding in his own personality. The hip-hop culture was influenced by the following four elements: DJs, Graffiti, MCs (rappers), and B-boys and B-girls. The Hip-Hop dance style has evolved into a dance style executed mostly standing up. Even though the breaking style (breakdance) is the style closer to the origin, the stand-up Hip-Hop style is the most popular nowadays, and that’s what I teach.

You strongly believe that everybody can dance or learn how to dance. Can you explain this?
I think that everybody has the capability to dance. It’s really a matter of learning how to listen to your soul, and not being afraid to follow its guidance. A lot of us get this through our culture, but even if dance is not a common means of expression in your culture, you can still learn to be a better soul listener. At the end of the day no one can judge the way your soul feels, therefore no one can judge your expression through your movements.

What’s your most memorable performance with Flexx_n Dance?
The day (in November 2005) we had to perform in the pre-show for Missy Elliot. The feeling I got when I ran up that stage with my crew FLEXX_N SQUAD was incredible. I think that performance propelled my drive to a whole other level.

Any current or future projects you are working on? Are you going to expand any time soon and what’s your ultimate goal with Flexx_n Dance Academy?
I’m now working on what I think is going to be the biggest performance yet of my career. I’m working with COLOR EVENTS on the opening performance for the biggest urban festival Curaçao has ever seen. SUMMERFALL is the name, remember that!!!

Currently I’m also testing the waters in Curaçao to see if there’s enough demand for what I have to offer. My ultimate goal with FLEXX_N is to own a studio in Curaçao and one in Holland so I can create exchange possibilities for dancers from the Caribbean.

For more info:
Facebook: Flexxndanceacademy
Instagram: Flexx_n
Snapchat: Flexx_Nsnap