Why did you go Vegan/Vegetarian?



Amber Taams


Amber Taams: I chose to become vegetarian because I am a huge animal lover and seeing how they were treated was horrible. We can find protein and nutrients in other sources. It is also very healthy and has a lot of health benefits. That’s always a plus!








Anita Marks

Anita Marks: The reason why I chose a vegetarian dietary pattern is because vegetarian food contributes to a good and healthy living environment. It ensures less use of water, less deforestation and lower greenhouse gas emissions, which are responsible for climate change. In addition, I am very sensitive to certain nutrients, and when I stopped eating meat, I noticed that I immediately started to feel much better.










Babette De Waele - Copy

Babette De Waele: I went vegan for love! Because I love all animals I don’t want to harm or use them in any way. ?










Naima Goilo

Naima Goilo: Since I can remember I never used to like meat. My mom told me when I was a toddler I spat the meat out of my mouth. It was more the taste and texture — the bones, blood vessels, cartilage and fat — that I don’t like. However, I do love local fresh fish from Curaçao.

My background in health (nurse and dermal clinician) and my mom who is nutritionist, made me very aware about the importance of a healthy lifestyle.
Next to that I watched a lot of documentaries about food and health. Over time I became more strict about what I put into my body.
Being conscious of my health, the environment, the love for animals and nature; this is why I eat green.
I started @vegacao to show how our local food can be made veg(an)etarian.





Gino Jacobs_new

Gino Jacobs: I decided ta adopt a more conscious approach to what food I consume. For years I’ve seen countless videos of how much harm is done to our animals in food production. For years I’ve read countless peer reviewed studies linking meat consumption to heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes and cancer. I’ve read about the unsustainable carbon footprint in our food industry. I decided to cut meat for a month to merely try it out and haven’t eaten a single bite of chicken or red meat ever since. My cheat meals are limited to a bit of fresh fish once in a while. I would not label myself a vegetarian or vegan, but for over a year I’ve made the conscious decision at every meal to pick something that is plant based. It feels great!









Arthur Chaar

Arthur Zaal: “For me, it is like resistance against mass industry, health, animal suffering and bad karma. And more compassion for all living beings.”











Nataniel Niles 1

Nataniel Niles: Actually I am more than just a vegan and is often refer to as an Alkaline Vegan!

Because it was a Life calling followed by my own interest into a healthier life style which would benefit me and possibly others.

I am surrounded by those with health complications and it breaks my heart to see them struggle & continue to be part of this disease cycle which is still increasing in numbers due to bad dieting and false information. Unlearn and Relearn; your life is in your own hands.









Malishka Sharma

Malishka Sharma: I became vegan when I realized the dairy industry was just as cruel as the meat industry. I was raised as a vegetarian in Curacao and understood that the harm done to animals for meat was unnecessary.  There are millions of people who thrive on a plant-based diet and do not need meat to be healthy. However, I did not know that dairy and eggs were harmful to animals. Many baby male chicks are disregarded by the industry as they cannot produce eggs.  Female cows are also forced in small spaces and often have machines attached on their udders to pump milk. Based on the following unpleasant treatment of animals listed above; this influenced me to become a vegan.


Veganism offers many health benefits. These include lower cholesterol, reduced chance of certain cancers, type 2 diabetes, and more. Some environmental benefits include: a smaller carbon footprint, lower water consumption, and reduced waste. Lastly, you won’t harm innocent beings! It is a chance to explore new ingredients and ways to cook which can be very fun. There are many vegan recipes online. There are also plenty of alternatives to milk and meat products. Give it a try and go vegan!





Jennifer Van Leeuwen: Ever since I was a little girl there was one thing that defined me; my love and awe for animals, nature and the ocean. As the years passed and I grew up I would often have this feeling of unease when thinking about the meat on my plate, but quickly brushed it off because, well… Eating meat is considered ‘normal’ in our society.

It is only now that I recognize this feeling for what it is, namely ‘cognitive dissonance’.

Approximately 5 years ago I saw a documentary called ‘Earthlings’ and within 20 minutes of watching decided I did not want to partake in the horrors that I saw on screen. I realised that by paying for meat I was in fact part of the system that is responsible for all the pain caused to these animals and the earth, so I started to identify as a vegetarian.

Last year I fully made the connection. Our meat AND dairy consumption causes inmense suffering to sentient beings that experience basic emotions the same way we do (56 BILLION killed yearly), uses disproportionate amounts of land (18 times more than vegans) and livestock production is responsible for nearly 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions (even moreso than the transport industry) with global warming as a result.

Summing up: after much research I concluded that it is simply not logical to call myself an animal and nature lover and be at the core root of their destruction just for my appetite. Vegan out of love and compassion for myself, animals and the earth




Raymond Chaar

Raymond Chaar: “I am a vegetarian once a week, because in my opinion, a person does not necessarily need a piece of meat 7 days a week to stay alive. There are more alternatives”.